Jeffrey Fishman is a lawyer with many years experience in corporations, business law and litigation and in personal matters of divorce, custody, injury, bankruptcy, debt management, criminal, DUI and other legal matters. Serving all counties including Gwinnett, Fulton, Dekalb and Cobb and the cities of Duluth, Alpharetta, John's Creek, Suwanee, Cumming, Norcross, Marietta, Lawrenceville and all of metro Atlanta, GA. Jeffrey also offers second opinions and consultations.

Divorce & Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce is much more than the legal end to a marriage. It involves a complete transition of your entire life. With the mere stroke of a Judge's pen, you go from being married to being single and now you have a whole new lifestyle. In the divorce process, you may become a single parent, or the parent responsible for child support. Your emotional equilibrium will most certainly be impacted, and generally for the worse. Situational depression is common for both parent and child. Displays of strong emotion can adversely impact the process. Your spouse may wish to relocate with the children. Your financial status will change. Money used to support one household will now be used to support two separate households. The assets you have spent a lifetime in acquiring will be divided between you and your spouse. Living arrangements are, indeed, very different. Virtually every aspect of your life will change.

Jeff has over twenty-five years of experience not only in representing his client's legal interests but also in assisting the clients with these transitions.

The client and Mr. Fishman determine what the client hopes to accomplish during the divorce. He then develops, with the client's input and consent, the legal approach to be taken in an attempt to accomplish these legal objectives. Early and thorough preparation lays the foundation for our representation. Every effort is made to settle the case, through mediation or otherwise. All clients need to know, however, that if settlement is impossible, that their attorney is capable and willing to walk into the courtroom to competently present their case before a Judge. With proper preparation of the client by the attorney, the client should feel more comfortable in a courtroom sitting next to the attorney if litigation becomes necessary. The Firm has available to the client all necessary resources to value assets and determine income. Tax consequences must always be contemplated and built into the legal plan. There is no substitute for experience in formulating a legal plan.

The Firm has developed professional relationships with a number of experts who are available to assist clients in dealing with the various aspects of their changing lives. Divorce counselors for the client and the client's children, financial advisors, CPA's, real estate appraisers and real estate sales persons, investigators, actuaries, bank officers, and scores of other resources are available through referral to our Firm's clients based upon the unique needs of every case.